Ways to get yourself motivated

Motivation is what keeps us going. It is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail. Motivation is the drive someone has to complete a task. Action is required in every steps in Life. Having a Goals are not enough, you have to take action.

Create a vision.

Create a vision of who you want to be and live into that picture as if it’s already true. You create it, you don’t wait until you receive it. You can make it up.  The social acknowledgement you receive from TALKING about your vision is enough to keep you from actually WORKING towards your vision.

Do not tell people about your ultimate vision.

Believe in Yourself

It is a decision you chose to live by when you have no time to make them, it’s define who you are.

Knowing Yourself

One of the ways you can work on a daily basis to motivate yourself is to get to know yourself. You need to focus on yourself and think about the things that make you feel good and the things that make you feel bad.

Set Goals

Goal setting is the most important thing. If you don’t have any goals in life you must be pretty bored.

You cannot get where you are going unless you know where you want to go. Setting goals helps you grow, provide a destination, an aim, and a focus. It makes you feel good to set goals and work toward making them happen.

Move your goal posts.

Most people don’t realize the reason they not getting what they want in life is because their major goals are too small and too vague. And therefore have no power. Your major goal will not be reached if it fails to excite your imagination.

What really moves you is to set a large and specific POWER goal. A power goal is a DREAM that drives you.

Break Goals into Smaller Goals or Tasks

Chopping goals into manageable portions will set the course for reasonable progress that is measurable and manageable. Every small achievement will motivate you to further action.

Visualize Completing a Task for Goal Achievement

Every day, visualize yourself performing a task which will help you achieve a goal. Think of it like this – whenever procrastination sets in and you cannot seem to generate the necessary energy to physically move to action, exercise your brain to take advantage of the idle time. Remember, motivation techniques can be mental as well as physical. Keep practicing until this becomes an automatic habit. Each time you view it in your mind make the image more realistic – try adding sounds, smells, and other details. After a while, your mind will wrap around the task and you will be compelled to do it.

Share Information

Research has proved that written goals are much more likely to be achieved, so as leader you should ensure that all goals are clearly and concisely recorded. They should be displayed where everyone in the group can see and read them.

Research someone who has already achieved your goals

Use his or her blueprint for success and learn from his or her mistakes. Speeding up success is a great motivator.

Simplify your life

This very second, think of the things that are absorbing your time and cluttering up your mind. Now think of the impacts. If you will not suffer any negative repercussions such as financial loses, poor health, or the inability to complete a goal – ditch the meaningless thoughts and clutter. Additionally, ditch the tasks and actions that consume your time but do not provide any positive benefits. Example: Worry. Use Worry Quotes to help.

Prepare and Plan

It is one thing to set goals it’s another to figure out what you are going to do to make them a reality. People who plan increase the odds for success. As always, when you experience positive results you are motivated to continue. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to prepare and plan.

Plan your work.

It is important to plan work because it enhances the ability to adapt to any eventualities. It does this by ensuring objectives are prioritised. Moreover, it reduces slip-ups and oversights.

Planning ensures that you are staying on track with your goals and you can ensure that you become more task oriented.  When you are too depressed or when you are too upset to start something new. But then that’s the perfect time to learn life’s important rule. The rule is the transmutation of those negative emotions through “definitely planned work.” Definitely planned work is the path to self-motivation after you create your vision of who you want to be. Definitely planned work contained the power of PURPOSE.

One hour of planning saves three hours of execution. It is impossible to work passionately with a sense of purpose and feel depressed at the same time. Successfully planned work will motivate you to do more and more than you ever thought possible.

Focus on Your Strengths

Everyone has strengths and they are good at something. You might be one of the millions of people who are working a job that does you no justice. You might have qualifications far and beyond what you are doing everyday. This is a goal you can set for yourself to use your strengths. However, on a daily basis you can practice the things you enjoy and the things you are good at.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Verbally commit to action. Speak the words out loud. Things take on reality when spoken aloud and often enough. Make it a practice to repeat and/or renew your verbal commitment frequently. Start out by applying the 21 day habit rule – meaning it takes 21 days to form a new habit. You really want to commit yourself to your success.

Keep a Progress Log

Track progress and refer to it often. Nothing fuels motivation better than movement and progress.

Create a Journey Map

This can be a fun activity where you create a document or chart with a starting point (where you are now) and end point (where you want to be). Plot tasks/actions as you go along. Every time you complete a task or goal – it will bring you one step closer to success. Plot the progress on your map. This is a sound motivational way to see progress and stay on track.

Maintain Positive Friends

Friends are people you get along with and people who care about you. Those people will always build you up and make you feel good. If you have a friend that shoots you down or makes you feel negative all of the time then you shouldn’t maintain them as a friend. Always spend time with the people who make you feel good about life and good about yourself. The more time you spend around people who make you feel good the better you will feel.

Find the Good in Other People

Everyone does have a good side even if you don’t see it immediately upon meeting them. Some people might strike you as entirely negative. Immediately upon meeting someone the initial confrontation may be unfriendly and frustrating.

Spend Time with Friends

It is very common for people to be negative and have a bad attitude. If you know one of these people you don’t want to spend too much time hanging out with them or seeking a positive experience or you might find yourself becoming negative too. One of the things you can do is help these people create a more positive attitude toward life and their natural surroundings.

Leave your friends.

Stay away from the so called friends who does not support your goals. When you’re in a conversion with a pessimists possibilities seems to have a way of disappearing and a sense of cynicism. Remember, cynics do not create. Everyone knows that enthusiasm is contagious. And being in a conversation with an optimist opens us up to more and more of life’s possibilities.

Give Your Positive Attitude

There are many ways you can give your positive attitude to other people. Many of the other people include laughing, paying compliments, and setting an example. Laughing is contagious. People are often drawn to laughter and they want to take part in the fun. Laughing is also healthy too. You might find people who laugh often really are happy and healthy individuals. You should share your laugh and your attitude will be very infectious to the people around you. You will feel good about yourself also.

Tell a true lie.

Make up a lie about how great you are to make yourself sound unbelievably wonderful. Think of a picture of who you want to be. Without that picture, you can’t live up to that self.

Feel good first.

Most people think they’ll feel good once they reach some goal. They think happiness is OUT THERE somewhere. The problem with feeling good about yourself until you hit a goal is that it might never happen. By linking happiness to something you don’t have yet, you denying yourself the power to create it in the moment. Your happiness is your birth right. It shouldn’t depend on you ACHIEVING something. Start by claiming it and using it to make your journey fun all the way and not just at the end

Look at the Funny Side

Life is funny. When you see the funny side of life and the humor in things you will have an excellent attitude. You will find the people who have the best attitude often have the best sense of humor. When you have a good sense of humor you will feel great about life and be positive too. A positive mind is someone who sees the good in life and in even the little things.

Start your life over.

If you catch yourself thinking you are too old to start something you want to do please recognize that you are not listening to the pessimistic voice inside of you. It’s the voice of a liar. Remind the voice of all the people that started their lives over again at any age they wanted to. Don’t listen to the voice inside, you can start your life over right now.

Find your key.

Book: “The Master Key to Riches” by Napoleon Hill. “The great master key to riches is nothing more or less than the self-discipline necessary to take complete full control of your own mind. Remember the only thing you have complete control is your own mental attitude.” Maybe the hill book is not your “key”, but you’ll find your own instruction book if you look for it. It’s out there, waiting for you.

Continuous Learning

Learning promotes growth. It is healthy for the brain and you are never too old to learn something new. Everyday you should try to learn something new. The best ways to do this is through reading and listening. Continuous learning is extremely important to motivation. Every day you should maintain a routine of learning something. You might want to read the newspaper on a daily basis, listen to tapes or the radio, or even just listen to people.

Read and Listen

Reading and listening are two habits you must build for your motivational daily routine. Reading is the best thing you can do to strengthen your mind and build confidence. In order to become the person you strive to be you must read about how to be this person. You need to associate with people you admire and want to be like to form these habits.

Share Your Sense of Humor

Laughing is healthy for your body and your soul. If you know some funny jokes or you begin to see the funny side of life you should share this with your friends and people you are around. A sense of humor is good for you and it is healthy for other people too. The ability to make people laugh is a good thing and if you are capable of making people laugh use this skill. This will be good for the people you are making laugh because you are raising their spirits and it will feel good to you too.

Watch a motivational movie:

There are some great inspiring movies available. Some of my favorites are the Rocky films (featuring Sylvester Stallone), Forrest Gump (featuring Tom Hanks), Rudy (featuring Sean Astin), We Are Marshall (featuring Matthew McConaughey) and Remember the Titans (featuring Denzel Washington) etc.

Don’t just do something, sit there.

Sit quietly and do absolutely nothing. Be alone for a long time all by yourself. Sitting in silence allows your true dream in life to take shape and clarity. In life today, your either living your dream or someone else. And unless you give your dreams the time and space it needs to express itself, you’ll live the better part of your life living the dreams of other people.

Maintain Good Health

Motivation also means you must be a healthy person. You cannot have a positive attitude when you don’t take care of your body. There are three primary things you need to do in order to create a healthy body. These things include eating right, sleep, and getting plenty of exercise.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

You must remain positive. Life is tough and you need to get used to it. As soon as you stop thinking life is so difficult you will find it becomes so much easier. Don’t focus on how difficult life is. Deal with the difficulties of life.

Plan you game.

Design your own life game plan. Let the game respond to you rather than the other way around. Act on the crucial difference between CREATING versus RESPONDING.

Let People Know You Care

One of the ways you can be more motivated and feel great about yourself on a daily basis is to let people know that you care. Just like the little things in life that you enjoy so much it is the little things you can do to make others feel great too. You don’t have to get credit for these things. You will feel great making someone else feel good.

Leave your comfort zone.

Our society encourages us to seek comfort. And yet only challenge will test our skills and make us better. Only challenge and the self-motivation to engage that challenge will transform us. And every challenge we face creates a more skilful self. Look for challenges to motivate yourself. It’s up to you to notice you are stuck in a comfort zone. It’s up to you to break free from it and fly away.

Play your character

How you act is who you become. We can get energy and motivation by doing the character who we want to be. We can become that character if we practice being that character all the time.

Focus on the Important Things

It is very common for people to focus their energy on things that are not important. When your emotional energy is spent on things that are not important it can be very draining. The first thing you need to do is to be very clear about the things in your life that are important to you. Create a mission and a vision for your life and your goals. These things are important to you. This way, when you become upset about something you can take a step back when you get upset and decide if it really is worth the energy or not.

Run toward your fear.

The world’s best kept secret is that on the other side of your fear there’s something safe and beneficial there waiting for you. If you work through even a small fear, you’ll increase your confidence in your ability to create your life. “Fear kill more people than death. Death kills us but once and we usually don’t even know it. But fear kills us over and over again. subtle at times and brutal at other times.” The rush we get after running through the waterfall of fear is the most energizing feeling in the world. If you’re ever in an under motivated mood, find something you fear and do it. And watch what happens.

Just be unexpected

Most people don’t see their self as creative, but we are. The reason is we associate being creative as being “original.” But that’s not the case. Being creative has nothing to do with originality, but it has to do with being “unexpected.” If you are willing accept that you are creative, you can start coming up with all these different “unexpected” ways of answering all the problems life throws at you.

Create your relationship.

“We are each angels with only one wing, so we can only fly and embarrass each other.” We can’t create our truest selves without creating relationships in the process. Relationships are everywhere. In relationship, most of think with our emotions, not our minds. Don’t think with your feelings though. Think with your mind and you’ll be able to create the relationships you want in your life. They just don’t “happen” to you.

Get on your death bed.

Many of us keep pretending that our game has no end. We plan to do great things someday when we feel like it. Confronting our own death doesn’t have to wait until we run out of life. In fact being able to vividly imagine our last hours on our death bed creates a paradoxical sensation.

Be where you are.

Most of us don’t ever focus. We’re constantly feel this type of psychic chaos because we’re always thinking about too many things at once. Focus on what you want and it will come to your life. Focus on being a happy and motivated person and that’s who you will be. FOCUS.

Act like a hero.

We need heroes in our lives. They are not a sign of weakness, they are a source of strength. “Without heroes, we are just plain people and we don’t know how far we can go.” Heroes show us what is possible for a human being is able to accomplish, therefore are very useful for anyone interested in self-motivation. You don’t have to have just one hero, choose a number for them. Put their pictures up. Become an expert in their lives. Collect books about them. Let your hero lives inspire you. They’re only people like we are. What distinguish them from us is their great level of self-motivation. To passively adore them is an insult to our potential. Instead of looking up to our heroes, it’s much more beneficial to look into them.

Accept your will power.

Lot of people say they don’t have will power. But if you think you don’t have will power, you are under minding your own success. Everyone has will power. To be listening to this program you got to have will power. The first step in developing your will power is to attempt it’s existence. The 2nd step is to know that your will power is like a muscle in your arm is yours to develop. You are in charge of making it strong or let it become weak. Will power is not strengthened by random external circumstances. Will power is an inside game. Make a promise to yourself to be clear and truthful about your own will power. It’s always there.

Create a Distraction Box

Whenever you think of obstacles/thoughts that split your attention, remove them by writing it down on paper. Then, place the paper in a box and forget about it. Focus on the tasks at hand. This is a very easy way to remove unnecessary clutter and distractions from your mind.

Say “No” to yourself.

A lot of people are afraid of the word “discipline” but the root of the word “discipline” is the word “disciple.” When you are self-disciplined, you simply decided in the matter of the word to become your own “disciple.” Once you make that decision, your life’s adventures becomes more interesting. You see yourself as a different person. You start to gain your own SELF RESPECT. “Self respect is the fruit of discipline. The sense of dignity growths with the ability to say ‘no’ to oneself.” – Abraham Hassel. “When we say no to temptation, the power of that ‘temptation’ passes into our will power.” – Emerson. We should do 2 things everyday that we don’t want to do. By doing this, we become more aware of our will power.

Avoid Negative Self Talk

Eliminate words such as; NEVER, CAN’T, IMPOSSIBLE, FAILURE, STUPID, and NO from your vocabulary. Whether you realize it or not – you constantly feed yourself messages all day long. The more you can avoid negative self-talk the more optimistic and confidence you can become.

When sitting, sit up straight

Your body language often mirrors your mood and disposition. When you sit up straight it promotes alertness and readiness. There are also health impacts. For instance – sitting up straight helps keep your bones and joints in correct alignment. It helps prevent back pain and the habit of slouching which is often associated with being laid back or lazy.

Walk Tall

Hold your shoulders back, stay alert, and walk with even confident strides. It is amazing how your mind wraps around your actions. Think about this one – Have you ever noticed someone who has a lot going on, is overwhelmed, or tired? You can see the signs in their walk – they are slower, they may slightly hunch their back, they may look down at the ground or floor as they walk. You get the ideas. If you walk with a sense of purpose and determination, then your motivation is sure to be positivity impacted.

Have a Talk with Yourself

Look yourself in the mirror, straight in the eye, and give yourself a prep talk. Talk to yourself about past success. Be encouraging and supportive. This may sound strange, but we are often our toughest critic. A little self love can go a long way.


Another thing you can do to create a positive attitude is to give. Giving means not only gifts but your time, attention, and energy. You might give yourself by spending time with people who need it. Spend time with a friend in the hospital or do something to boost someone’s attitude. One of the best ways to boost your attitude and feel great is by giving to people.


Indulge in a good old fashion belly laugh. Why? Often times, lack of motivation or reduce motivation results from stress. Laughter helps alleviate body tension. It will help you lighten up. Rely on whatever you find humorous. Watch a funny movie and laugh till it hurts, or listen to funny audio, or read a funny book. Go visit a comedy club. Whatever approach works for you – do it.


Exercise is also important to have a good attitude Everyone should exercise on a daily basis. You should take at least 15 minutes of everyday to exercise. You don’t have to do aerobics or something too strenuous. Walking is the best thing you can do for your body. A brisk 15 minute walk everyday will make you feel great and completely change your attitude.

Take a Vacation

Sometimes a little down time is exactly what you need to feel refreshed and revitalized.

Take a Break

Sometimes the best way to refuel your motivation is to step away for five or ten minutes. You can, then, recharge and get back at it.

Take a Power Shower

Sometimes the invigorating water splashing across your skin as you scrub clean is just what the doctor ordered to provide a motivational spark.

Keep all your promises.

One way to motivate yourself is to keep some usual promise. To go to someone I cared about either personally or professionally and make a real big promise to them. Something that takes all the creativity and effort I had to make it happen. Although some of these promises I made weren’t kept, it’s not really an intelligent way to self-motivate. Instead make commitments to other people, but know that these commitments are ones you know you can keep. But to motivate yourself, replace promising to others to promising and setting goals to yourself.

Replace your habits.

Self-motivation is mentally harder to achieve when we’re held back by mentally bad habits. But here’s the catch. Bad habits can’t be gotten rid of because they exist for good reasons. Their there to do something for us even if that something ends up being self-destructive. Down deep, even a bad habit is trying to make us operate better. That’s why bad habits has to be transformed and built upon. They can’t be killed. They can’t be eliminated. What we’re trying to do is “habit replacement” and where bad habits lives, replacement is the only thing that works. i.e. running replaces smoking because of the breathing.

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